iPad Application Development

The secret to Apple’s unprecedented success with the iPAD ever since its launch in January 2010 is the fact that its operating platform, known as the Apple iOS platform, has captured the three major considerations that are key to the popularity of any successful mobile application:

  • User centric and highly attractive interface
  • Ease of operation regardless of experience level
  • Top flight engagement with virtually no learning curve

At Halosys Technologies, we believe that our apps not only for the iPad but also for the iPhone have scored full marks on all three fronts which is why most of our enterprise clients continue to keep us preoccupied year after year. Looking for more reasons? Halosys Technologies always delivers more than it promises:

  • Dual level expertise in both design and application development critical to building high profile apps
  • UI design & prototype development based on an extensive analysis of your target audience and a clearly defined understanding of your requirements
  • Competency in upgrading your existing iPad apps to the latest version of the Apple IOS operating system
  • Latest technologies that allow us to leverage the iPad’s 360 degree dynamic features and functionality such as the touch screen, media player, accelerometer, camera, Bluetooth, IM and email capabilities to bring you both native and web-enabled apps that are a cut above the rest
  • Custom iPad apps that download in no time and are easy on power consumption
  • Seamless development and stringent testing of your iPad app on high-end Mac workstations prior to listing with the Apple iTunes Store under a license that is owned by you
  • eCommerce apps, eBook apps, healthcare apps, GPS and geo location apps, ticketing and travel apps, multimedia apps, language learning apps, web apps, business and enterprise apps-- our iPad developers can build the perfect dream app for you

    Let a highly talented and dedicated team at Halosys Technologies help you deliver the penultimate user experience across the enterprise and to your customer community alike.