Managed Sourcing

The arrival of Drupal on the worldwide web in January, 2001, ushered in a new era in open source web development. Dubbed as a powerful content management system or CMS that has garnered active support from a robust community of Drupal development innovators from every continent, Drupal provides a mature development framework that is modular, scalable and feature-packed. Many software engineers at Halosys Technologies not only work full-time for clients as members of dedicated Drupal development teams but also contribute to the Drupal web development community regularly as they continue to build websites that perform, deliver, and generate ROI for our clients. 

The survival and growth of any enterprise depends largely on its ability to innovate and constantly bring new products to the marketplace in a manner that is both timely and competitive. Thanks to both existing as well as emerging technologies, it is now possible for organizations such as yours to outsource not just their routine tasks but also much if not most of their high-end functions to companies in developing countries that can deliver top flight quality at a fraction of the prevailing cost. Halosys Technologies has perfected this sophisticated business model over the past decade both in the mobile development and web development spheres to bring to you unmatched performance levels and deadline-sensitive project development that exceeds international benchmarks. 

Managed sourcing from Halosys Technologies in India can help you focus better on your core strengths, reduce risk, and help your company become more agile and competitive in the ever-expanding global village.

Managed outsourcing services from Halosys Technologies just might be the right answer if you are planning to:

  • Enter or expand into the mobile application development arena which is currently experiencing unparalleled growth
  • Initiate a web development project for your company which serves your customer community or employees using the latest open source technologies
  • Control costs and overcome time-to-market constraints

Managed Sourcing from Halosys Technologies with a Difference

As we continue to remain poised to address your managed outsourcing and offshoring needs at Halosys Technologies, we welcome the possibility of initiating a dialog with you to understand your requirements, assess the scope of your projects, and constitute a dedicated team that will report directly to you under our functional and administrative supervision to build the next run-away success within your industry.

Leave the routine challenges, the heavy lifting, and the logistical pitfalls to us while you concentrate on your core business.

Halosys Technologies’s managed sourcing services bring to you:

  • Quality development that is both state-of-the-art and cost-effective
  • Expert management of many routine functions such as version upgrades, legacy upgrades, platform migration, technical support, helpdesk ticketing and much more
  • Direct communication with your project team and its manager on your time zone
  • Clear commitment to deadlines as well as significant reduction in your development and maintenance backlogs
  • Minimal supervision and intervention requests to your IT manager
  • Increased capacity for income generation