Open Source Development

As open source platforms continue to gradually gravitate toward becoming the global industry standard for software development, it is time for your enterprise to take another serious look at open source development. What better a partner to help you do so than Halosys Technologies?

Open Source web development that delivers

Since the world’s major success stories like Facebook, Twitter and Android have been written using open source technologies and 70% of the world’s websites run on Apache HTTPD web servers, which incidentally also happens to be open source, its merit is surely worth your consideration. AT Halosys Technologies, where open source solutions such as Drupal CMS, Magento, PHP and Java aren’t just buzz words but a part of our in-house semantics, we truly believe that open source applications development is the way to go. Here is why:

  • Versatile developer communities that are several million strong and continue tirelessly to contribute to the open house repository and knowledge base
  • No vendor lock-in or licensing fees for you to pay since open source web development always happens on Open General License (OGL)
  • No unfair licensing restrictions, unrealistic price increases or compulsory upgrades because no single company owns open source software
  • Open architecture using proven standards such as CIM and WBEM to achieve high levels of performance and agility with built-in cost savings
  • Faster, scalable, affordable and a breeze to customize due to unqualified access to source code

Halosys Technologies brings to you

  • Open source software development that uses next generation technologies and frameworks and not solutions that are outdated
  • Highly proficient dedicated teams exclusively assigned to your project on your terms and conditions that are not only well conversant in English but will also take the time to understand your precise needs in a cost effective manner thus super-optimizing your resources
  • Developers who work for you on an exclusive basis and don’t engage in the client juggling act
  • Multi-tier transparency and direct engagement between your dedicated team and you